Client Testimonials

I achieved 26% greater corn yields with ISO NPK
Dave Lankford, Agri-Measures
“When I saw the increased size and enhanced color after the second application of the ISO product on Blueberries, I knew there would be a difference in yield. When you see something that pronounced as early as it was, you really want to keep your eye on it.”
Rudy Allen, CPAg/CCA-NW, Ag Tech Services, LLC
“Based on the trials that we experienced on our farm, we are convinced that ISO NPK represents the future for yield increases in vegetables and grains. We will now be using ISO NPK for corn and soybeans across our entire farm.” Soybeans Trials in Minnesota, 2016, using ISO NPK. Trials Produce 24% Yield Increase, 59 Bu/Acre.
David Mattix